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Claiming PPI: You Have Nothing to Lose

Indeed, if you believe that you have been wrongfully tricked into paying for a payment protection insurance that you don’t actually need- you can make a ppi claim and get back all your money. Unfortunately, not many people know that there is a possibility of claiming back whatever you have paid for along the years.


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For example, with a loan with a total cost of 3,600 pounds, a loan length of 36 months (3 years!) and with a monthly repayment of 100 pounds, the estimated cost of payment protection insurance at 15% interest is 540 pounds!

This is a lot of money, so if you struggle with a mis sold ppi, it is time to claim back every single penny. There is nothing to lose. If you talk to a reputable solicitor, you only need to have one meeting, and settle the paperwork. From there on, the solicitors will represent you all throughout the process.


ppi claim
Moreover, ppi solicitors usually work around a no win-no fee schedule- this means that you don’t have to pay any commission if the bank denied your claim. As you can see, there is really nothing to lose if you try to claim back your own money after all!
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Many people with ppi claims will start claiming on their own. However, this is a very lengthy process, and it is extremely difficult to fight the system on your own. This would involve you having to write a letter to the lender, and trying to settle the claim with him directly, without any negotiator in between.

It is extremely difficult, and time consuming, this is why you should turn to professional help offered by the solicitors. Don’t waste anymore of or precious time, because as we speak, yet another ppi rate is charged from you! Solicitors are here to help you get back the entire amount of money that you are entitled to.